Common Core

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Common Core Message Points

The Common Core State Standards have the potential to transform teaching and learning and provide all children, no matter where they live, with the problem‐solving, critical- thinking and teamwork skills they need to compete in today’s changing world. But we have to make the standards work before we make them count.

Common Core State Standards – Planning to Succeed

The K-12 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) provide an unprecedented opportunity—and challenge. In advancing standards for mathematics and English language arts, the CCSS have the potential to help transform the very DNA of teaching and learning.

Common Core State Standards and Helpful Resources

This brochure provides the background on the Common Core State Standards Initiative and a list of recommended online resources on Common Core including a link to the AFT Share My Lesson’s Common Information Center which is dedicated to all aspects of the Common Core from identifying aligned resources to illustrating instructional strategies to providing the latest news about implementation.