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AVERT Active Shooter Workshop (3/9/24)

On March 9th, the Georgia Federation of Teachers welcomed educators from various metro Atlanta school districts for the Active Violence Emergency Response Training (A.V.E.R.T.).

Teachers, Office Staff, Healthcare Professionals, and Administrators were given live scenario exercises and experienced hands-on practice, instructing them on how to recognize warning signs and be situationally aware. They learned how to defend and attack, escape and evade, how to equip the space they are in, and control bleeding in an emergency.

8 lucky participants received a Tac-Pac (recommended for controlling emergency bleeding - that included a tourniquet, CPR kit, gloves, bandage, and dressings) retailing for $90. AFT members can purchase a Tac-Pac for half the price while supplies last. Call the office for more details.

We look forward to holding this workshop again in the fall of 2024. If you haven't added your name to the interest list, please take a moment to do so. YES - I'M INTERESTED IN TAKING THE A.V.E.R.T. TRAINING WORKSHOP

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