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Open Letter to State Representatives who opposed House Bill 338 (the backdoor approach to the Opportunity School District)

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March 2, 2017


RE:          Open Letter to State Representatives who opposed House Bill 338 (the backdoor approach to the Opportunity School District)

Dear Champion Legislators:

We wish to acknowledge and thank you for respecting the fact that Georgia voters resoundingly said NO to the Opportunity School District on the November 8th ballot.

House Bill 338 is another version of the Opportunity School District legislation and is a backdoor approach to allowing the governor to control local schools and resources.

Supporters of the bill deflect and say that HB 338 is intended to improve schools. However, there is nothing in the bill based on evidence or practicality that improves schools.

We’ve dubbed the 40 days that the Georgia General Assembly meet the most dangerous 40 days in Georgia during the year, because the interests of Georgia’s citizens continue to be assaulted via special interest legislation.

As educators, we intend to continue to educate the public on the inner-workings & intricacies in proposing and passing bills which are not in the best interest of all of Georgia.

Together, we must continue to demand that Georgia looks to world-class educational standards and base its policies and legislation on such; as opposed to special interest politics. The bi-partisan National Conference of State Legislatures also supports legislative efforts that respect what really works to improve schools and educational systems, as reflected in their report No Time to Lose: How to Build a World-Class Education System State by State.

Again thank you for your courage in doing the right thing for all of Georgia’s children and citizens.


Verdaillia Turner

Representative Kevin Cooke (R)
Representative Matt Gurtler (R)
Representative Susan Holmes (R)
Representative Trey Kelley (R)
Representative John Pezold (R)
Representative David Stover (R)
Representative Kimberly Alexander (D)
Representative Debra Bazemore (D)
Representative Sharon Beasley-Teague (D)
Representative James Beverly (D)
Representative William Boddie (D)
Representative Roger Bruce (D)
Representative Park Cannon (D)
Representative Doreen Carter (D)
Representative Demetrius Douglas (D)
Representative Karla Drenner (D)
Representative David Dreyer (D)
Representative Winfred Dukes (D)
Representative Carl Gilliard (D)
Representative J. Craig Gordon (D)
Representative Michele Henson (D)
Representative Derrick Jackson (D)
Representative Sheila Jones (D)
Representative Dewey McClain (D)
Representative Bill McGowan (D)
Representative Billy Mitchell (D)
Representative Howard Mosby (D)
Representative Miriam Paris (D)
Representative Sandra Scott (D)
Representative Renitta Shannon (D)
Representative Michael Smith (D)
Representative Pam Stephenson (D)
Representative Mable “Able” Thomas (D)
Representative Robert Trammell (D)
Representative Keisha Waites (D)
Representative David Wilkerson (D)
Representative Earnest “Coach” Williams (D)

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