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January 24, 2020

NEW ORLEANS, LA – On Tuesday evening teachers and support staff from Morris Jeff Community School and the school’s Board of Directors met separately to unanimously ratify their newly negotiated collective bargaining agreement (CBA). The agreement is the result of months of cooperative and constructive negotiations between the teachers and school administrators

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AFT Innovation Fund Invests in Expanded Learning Time


PRESS RELEASE: No Child Left Behind Waived for Georgia & 9 other states


Inspire Health Alliance Forms Partnership with Georgia Federation of Teachers to Bring No Out-of-Pocket Cost COVID-19 Testing to More Than 75,000 Educators

Convenient at-home PCR testing kits under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA gives added confidence to educators statewide


LAKE FOREST, Calif. and ATLANTA, May 19, 2021--Inspire Health Alliance today announced a testing program with the Georgia Federation of Teachers to make self-administered COVID-19 tests available to 75,000 public education employees at zero out-of-pocket cost. The Inspire Diagnostic test kits allow Georgian