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Proposed Legislation 2019 Georgia General Assembly

Proposed Legislation 2019 Georgia General Assembly

Georgia Federation of Teachers

  • Community Schools
    • To provide public schools designed to meet the specific needs of the community @ large and provide wraparound services germane to effective education; as also noted by the National Council of State Legislatures.
  • Performing Arts Schools
    • To fund 1 feeder school into 1 high school per public school district for non-charter public schools in economically disadvantaged areas, for the specific purposes of preparing students in various occupations related to the entertainment industry.
  • Usage of Public School Property by Charter School Companies
    • In the interest of public welfare, after January 2019, any newly erected, renovated or existing public school facility cannot be utilized by charter school companies or other companies, via utilization, occupying, owning or controlling until after the structure/facility has been utilized for its original intent for 20 years.
  • Limitation of Charter School Company Contracts
    • Charter Schools that receive contracts from any governmental authorization (including school boards), the initial contract for business shall not exceed the time allowed for non-charter public schools to improve under HB 338; with no automatic renewal.
  • Taxing Telemarketers
  • Removing Social Security Limitations for Citizens Receiving State Retirement Pensions
    • To improve retirement benefits for all workers who receive a state pension; persons receiving TRS money or state pensions will be eligible to receive the entire amount of Social Security earned.
  • $15/hour wages
  • Charter School Accountability




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