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Upcoming Backpack Full of Cash Screenings

Join us as we host a screening of Backpack Full of Cash on the following dates:

Tuesday, May 7th in SW Atlanta, GA (full flyer)

Hosted by: Elizabeth Baptist Church
Time: 6:30pm (doors open at 6pm)
Location: Elizabeth Baptist Church
4245 Cascade Rd., SW, Atlanta, GA 30331

**This schedule will be updated as screenings are announced

Are you aware that PRIVATIZATION for PROFIT is well underway in schools, city governments, transportation, etc. in Georgia? People are being elected to office with these ends in mind, are financed by for-profit entities and are soft selling decisions to authorize this movement...

Are you aware of the dire effects of allowing the proliferation of this movement to continue to grow in capacity?


This documentary narrated by Matt Damon, a Cambridge, MA public school graduate, takes an urgently-needed look at how charter schools, vouchers and the privatization movement are threatening the nation’s public schools.

Filmed in Philadelphia, New Orleans, Nashville and other cities, BACKPACK takes viewers through the tumultuous 2013-14 school year, exposing the world of corporate-driven education “reform” where public education — starved of resources — hangs in the balance. BACKPACK puts a human face on complex social, racial and civic issues confronting educators, students, families, and our communities. It also serves as a tool to show how other communities are fighting back against an effort to privatize public education.

The documentary also showcases a model for improving schools - a well-resourced public school system in Union City, New Jersey, where poor kids are getting a high-quality education without charters or vouchers. BACKPACK FULL OF CASH makes the case for public education as a basic civil right.

The film features genuine heroes like the principals, teachers, activists, parents and most hearteningly, students who are fighting for their education. Former Assistant Secretary of Education Diane Ravitch, writer David Kirp and policy expert Linda Darling Hammond are among the national thought leaders who provide analysis in the film.

For more information, call 404-315-0222.

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