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AFTPA President Ted Kirsch said the new PA pension report was once-sided and misleading in a radio interview with Labor Radio Show Host Rick Smith Tuesday night. Listen to the audio here. Click the headline to read more.


With additional reporting by Matthew Charles Cardinale.

Article from Atlanta Progressive News, click here to go to website.

(APN) ATLANTA -- Georgia voters are currently being faced with a referendum on a possible constitutional amendment which claims as its goal to provide “for improving student achievement” by allowing a state-run commission to by-pass local school board decisions and State Board of Education decisions to approve charter schools that are not approved by either of these boards.

However, Atlanta Progressive News has learned that neither state



Dismantling Public Education


Georgia Is a Leader in School Privatization Efforts

Our state legislators are at the vanguard of a national, corporate-backed campaign to bring about a for-profit education system.

Education legislation in the Georgia General Assembly probably seems like a snooze: arcane and obscure to voters with school-age children and inconsequential to those without. But the recently concluded legislative session’s education debates made the Gold Dome a key battleground in what can be called without hyperbole a


Click here, to view the NAACP's resolution on charter schools.


Far-out ideologues want to destroy public education in Georgia
Editor and publisher

OCT. 12, 2012 -- Let’s take a moment and consider what a charter school essentially is.

It is not like regular public schools. While charter school funding comes from public sources, charter schools essentially are public versions of private schools. If Amendment One passes next month, that could upend public education in Georgia.

Here’s why: public money will go to charter schools, funds that would otherwise go to the local public school. But, get this: there is no accountability


Senator Steve Henson on why he opposes amendment 1

As we approach the Nov. 6th general election, Georgians will be asked to make their voices heard on a number of important issues. From the President of the United States to local government representatives, voters will head to the polls to determine who will make governmental decisions on their behalf.

One critical issue voters will decide on doesn’t have a name or political platform; yet, it has the potential to drastically change the face of public education in Georgia for our children and grandchildren. The Charter School Constitutional