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House Education Members

Brooks Coleman, Chairman

404-656-9210 (capitol)

David Casas, Vice Chairman

404-656-0254 (capitol)

770-931-8033 (district)

Tommy Benton, Secretary

404-656-5126 (capitol)

Dave Belton

404-656-0152 (capitol)

Beth Beskin

404-656-0254 (capitol)

404-814-0000 (district)

Buzz Brockway

404-656-0188 (capitol)

678-895-9064 (district)

Wes Cantrell

404-656-0152 (capitol)

Amy Carter

404-463-2248 (capitol)



Article posted January 10, 2017 via The Valdosta Daily Times

By Daniel DeMersseman

Turner encourages community involvement

VALDOSTA — Georgia Federation of Teachers President Verdaillia Turner encouraged community involvement in local and state education during a recent visit.

“As citizens, it is incumbent on us to make sure our government is right and fair,” Turner said.

She urged residents to hold elected officials accountable, to call their representatives and push for research-based improvements on education.

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Georgia General Assembly - SB 30 (Unlocking the Promise of Community Schools Act)



What is a Community School?

  1. Community schools provide more than one type of service to students and the community.
  2. Community schools better support and enable a strong, academic curriculum. Partnerships are coordinated and purposeful.
  3. Community schools share a vision and mission and are results-driven.
  4. A site resource coordinator makes sure that all of the service and community providers are working together.
  5. Community schools work with students but

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Article originally posted in Education Week

Attending Texas Charter Schools Hurt Students' Future Wages, Study Finds

Texas charter schools on average have a negative effect on students' future earnings, according to a new working paper by two economists.