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Proposed Legislation 2019 Georgia General Assembly

Georgia Federation of Teachers

  • Community Schools
    • To provide public schools designed to meet the specific needs of the community @ large and provide wraparound services germane to effective education; as also noted by the National Council of State Legislatures.
  • Performing Arts Schools
    • To fund 1 feeder school into 1 high school per public school district for non-charter public schools in economically disadvantaged areas, for the specific purposes of preparing students in various occupations related to the entertainment industry.
  • Usage of Public School

We polled NC teachers about guns at school. Here’s what they had to say.

The News & Observer

Most North Carolina educators think it’s a bad idea to let teachers carry guns in the classroom, and they say arming teachers would make schools less safe and harm the learning environment, according to a newly released poll.

The Valentine’s Day mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida that left 17 people dead has ignited a national debate about


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We are excited to bring back the acclaimed documentary Backpack Full of Cash to the Metro Atlanta Area — please see details below:

Are you aware that PRIVATIZATION for PROFIT is well underway in schools, city governments, transportation, etc. in Georgia? People are being elected to office with these ends in mind, are financed by for-profit entities and are soft selling decisions to authorize this movement...

Are you aware of the dire effects of allowing the proliferation of this movement to continue to grow in capacity?




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March 2, 2017


RE:          Open Letter to State Representatives who opposed House Bill 338 (the backdoor approach to the Opportunity School District)

Dear Champion Legislators:

We wish to acknowledge and thank you for respecting the fact that Georgia voters resoundingly said NO to the Opportunity School District on the November 8th ballot.

House Bill 338 is another version of the Opportunity School District legislation and is a backdoor approach to allowing the governor to control local schools and resources.

Supporters of the bill deflect and say that HB 338 is


Click here to view the Excel file with contact information for all current members of the Georgia State Senate, including the following:

  • Party Represented
  • District Address
  • District Phone Number
  • Capitol Address
  • Captiol Phone Number
  • District
  • Email Address


Click here to view the Excel file with contact information for all current members of the Georgia House of Representatives, including the following:

  • Party Represented
  • District Address 
  • District Phone Number (when available)
  • Capitol Address
  • Capitol Phone Number 
  • District Number
  • Counties Represented
  • Email Address
  • Facebook Page (when available)

*Tabs at the bottom of the Excel file divide the informaion into 4 categories (House of Representatives as a whole, GOP, DEMS & Facebook info.